Wednesday, November 23, 2011

adCenter Of Microsoft for Bing And Yahoo Advertisers

Two weeks ago adCenter Of Microsoft released several features for the advertises for up-coming holiday in a more time saving, simpler web interface, with a better tracking and reporting tools for an easy to use desktop control panel. 

Based on the blog post of adCenter, this three features to help Bing and Yahoo advertisers to run their smother campaigns online.  It helps the advertiser to manage their campaigns, providing a tool for a keyword's suggestions, can merge Google Adwords data and providing detailed data to help the advertiser to compare campaigns.

Grow your business today with Bong and Yahoo search. Leveraging your two powerhouses search with one platform to make your business on Bing and Yahoo search using this new Microsoft Advertising adCenter and capture 30.6 % of online market in U.S.

Search advertisement is very simple, easy and affordable. So start now and enjoy it benefits as follows;

1. You can manage your expenses by paying only when someone clicks on your ad. 

2. You can set up, monitor and make changes with your search campaign.
3. Using business intelligence tools, you can target geographically and demographically.
4. It can import Google's campaigns to Bing and Yahoo. 

Learn more by visiting their page by start advertising now!


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