Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Filipino Bloggers Hub: A Simple Acquaintance Party

In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving- in has become more challenging due to different trends that have been born from time to time in every click and tick of their finger on the mouse. As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to produce more effective write-ups that are based on their experiences, observation and even with their own opinion.

Today, blogging becomes a good portal of advertisement and online promotion because it can give a huge impact and easy to access information upon clicking the publish button. In just one click, everything went to life as it was being shared and like by others instantly upon uploaded.

Given that bloggers exist every minute and seconds in every social-networking site as well as in the blogging flat form. While giving the readers and other people to have the latest updates as well as entertainment in their web sites or blog sites. But wait a minute; did all bloggers who read other sites blog knew the author personally or acquaintance? I think, not!

Perhaps, some know each other while others tend to get intimidated or something as they see each other in different places. Why? Maybe because they never get a chance to be introduce to each other.

Moreover, the blogosphere in the Philippines is just a small piece of the universal blogosphere. Where is so impossible to know the person one by one in a particular websites or blog site? And so, bloggers created an event that we called “Filipino Bloggers Hub Party” to get a chance to see, meet and know the person behind in every blog that we read, follow and subscribe to.

On the 19th of May 2012, 1:00pm at the Central Colleges of the Philippines, bloggers around the Metro will gather to have a simple acquaintance party with full of surprises, giveaways, fun games and raffles. This is the chance to meet and know other bloggers, and this is the day that all bloggers will unite and promise to continue what started intelligently as to give people good, and balance information that people want to know.

To all bloggers in the Metro out there, we would love to know you more and see you in the 1 st Filipino Bloggers Hub Party of the year!

This event has been sponsored by Central Colleges of the Philippines, San Marino, Dianna Stalder, Human Nature,  Tiger Energy, Classic Savory, MedChef,   MEGA Publishing Group, OkayOkayGet Beauteous, Taste of Goodness, Tablets Mania.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Team Launcher: Win FREE Employee For One Year!

Are you an up and coming entrepreneur? Looking for a trusted hand as part of your team? We have great news for you: Team Launcher has an exciting promo for its new and regular clients! One lucky winner can have his own employee for a year – ABSOLUTELY FREE! What’s more, the winner will get only the best and competent professional that can contribute to the company’s growth.

There are two ways of joining the sweepstakes. You may submit an entry form either through mail or online with your name and email address. Promo period is from March 21, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

Contest is open to all legal US residents over the age of 18 with access to the Internet at all times. All Team Launcher employees, its associated agencies, and immediate family members are disqualified from joining.

For those sending entries through mail, a standard-size postcard should be addressed to: TeamLauncher.com Sweepstakes, PO Box 25250, #11162, Miami, FL 33102. Postcard entries must be  postmarked during the sweepstakes period to be eligible. A household is entitled to one entry only, regardless of the number of its residents.

Winner will be drawn electronically in the presence of the sponsor and its affiliates. The lucky winner will be given an employee to work for him for a year, which will be selected by sponsor to work from the employee's home in the Philippines for 40 hours per week, during week days, excluding holidays. The prize winners will be selected via an electronic draw to be held after March 31, 2013 at 8 p.m. (UTC) and will be notified via email or letter. Awarding will be held on April 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. (UTC).

Team Launcher will not be responsible for claims, injuries, losses or damages of any kind resulting, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the awarding, delivery,  acceptance, use, misuse, possession, loss or misdirection of the prize; participation in this sweepstakes or in any activity or travel related thereto or from any interaction with, or downloading of, computer sweepstakes information.

By entering or participating in the sweepstakes, participants agree to be bound by these official rules, and by the decisions of the sponsor (Dual Eagles LLC), which are final and binding in all respects. All personal information submitted is recorded through Punchtab.com’s software. All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. For more details visit the official website of Team Launcher Contest. The sweepstakes is brought to you by Team Launcher LLC and Punchtab.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Profits And Gains Of A Multilingual BPO Workforce

Every company’s success depends on various factors. Most companies have the same objective: development and expansion. For a business to be successful, the company should consider more than just buying something for a certain price and selling it for a much higher cost. Businesses should also consider their relationship with their clients and with their partners. 

Nowadays, companies utilize a method of contracting with other companies to carry out tasks for financial advantage. This is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). A survey in the United States have stated that the main reasons for a company to outsource are the difficulties in hiring and managing additional staff and employees within their company and that  companies are able to cut low on expenses.

Through the years, business process outsourcing have expanded rapidly to the extent that a great number of large companies have relied on outsourcing from separate companies, some of these separate companies are located in other countries such as the Philippines and India, where the workforce are more than capable of performing their tasks and contractual obligations and specializes in different areas.

Considering the constant communication between these companies, it is important to recognize the vast importance of being multilingual. A potential project or a simple agreement between the two outsourcing companies from different countries may experience a lot of problems due to language barrier. So it is not difficult to realize the advantages of a multilingual business process outsourcing staff. A multilingual outsourcing company such as Teamlauncher.com, which has worked with various companies, is fully capable of avoiding the possibilities of losing control of the business. With Teamlauncher.com’s multi-linguistic and flexible staff, misunderstanding in communication with other companies is fully avoided, allowing every task and project to be accomplished in time. The relationship between the two cooperating companies and their clients remain amiable and cordial.

It is a fact that a large number of businesses and companies rely on their outsource contributor, a multilingual business process outsourcing workforce can prevent these setbacks and present enormous advantages in different levels to achieve a healthy relationship between the two companies and their clients.
Photo Courtesy Of: mint-biz.com

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